Gathering technical requirements from a non-technical vision holder

Gathering technical requirements from a non-technical vision holder
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November 10

The key to running a successful business is to understand the client. Not all clients have the same requirements and not all of them are tech-savvy enough. Finding the right balance with every individual client has always been important to us. I've met so many people who have great ideas and they want to bring those ideas to life. The problem? They aren't sure how. They know what the end product looks like but they don't understand the technical details. So how do we bridge this gap and make sure to deliver them the best results?

The solution is not in working for the client but working with the client. To get the best results follow a collaborative process. Let me talk through the steps I followed to make sure our visions aligned.


A collaboration wouldn't work if you don't know each other's strengths and weaknesses. First, you need to see where they are lacking and make sure you can compensate for that. So when we get a non-technical client we know our technical understanding is exactly what they need. When we stop expecting technical details from the client we focus on better things. We let them lay out their business idea without them worrying about the how. They might still pitch in a few solutions or methods they know of, but it is our job to understand the intent behind those pitches. Once we understand their vision we can find the right solution. If it doesn't exist we get to innovate.


It's very easy to get lost in the process and forget the end goal. This is why we shouldn't lose our focus while working on their business. A non-technical client would not care much about innovative features, their focus is on the results. So when we add in the features we have to make sure it's working in favor of the revenue or engagement for the product. Your tech development should boost their sales. Because if we aren't helping the business with its growth all our efforts would mean nothing.


The final and the most important step is to humanize our conversations with them. This isn't the first step because it's not a "Let's get this out of the way" thing. Our connection with the client doesn't end when the project is complete, we make sure this is the vision they had from the start. To do this, we learn about their business like it's our own. We don't just provide the technology we also provide the value and empathy. Understanding our clients means we have to understand their clients. We cannot bring the product to life without the full context.

The most important thing for us is bringing your vision to life. And the best way to do that is by building long-term relationships with you and making your needs ours. We align our tech indicators with your business goals so that you get the best results.

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