Battle of the Email Marketing Platforms: Drip vs Klaviyo

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June 11

Drip vs Klaviyo: Powerhouses of Ecommerce Marketing Automation

When it comes to optimizing your ecommerce marketing, both Drip and Klaviyo stand as formidable contenders. Each platform brings distinctive strengths to the table. This in-depth comparison aims to help you determine which aligns best with your specific ecommerce needs.

Core Features: Where They Excel


  • Workflow Builder: Design sophisticated customer journeys using a visual drag-and-drop interface. Leverages diverse triggers, actions, and decision points for tailored experiences.
  • Segmentation Powerhouse: Pinpoint customer segments with hyper-granular precision. Target based on behaviors, website interactions, purchase histories, and intricate custom rules.
  • Revenue Attribution: Track and link specific campaigns or marketing tactics to conversions and revenue generation. Gain insights into what's driving your sales.
  • Ecommerce Integrations: Seamlessly connects with major ecommerce platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc.). Access to deep customer and purchase data.
  • Website Tracking: Understand how visitors interact with your store, feeding valuable behavioral data into your automations and personalization efforts.


  • Advanced Ecommerce Analytics: Delve into performance metrics for email campaigns, customer journeys, product performance, and more.
  • Predictive Analytics: Harness insights into customer lifetime value (CLV) and churn probability. Optimize strategies for high-value customers and retention.
  • Robust Template Library: A wide array of pre-designed email templates tailored for ecommerce, promoting quick and effective email creation.
  • SMS Marketing: Integrate SMS into your automated flows to complement email messaging and drive engagement.
  • Dedicated Focus on Ecommerce: Purpose-built for the needs and challenges of online stores across all stages of growth.

Ease of Use: Learning Curve Considerations

  • Drip: Offers a streamlined and generally user-friendly experience. However, understanding its segmentation depth may require some initial effort.
  • Klaviyo: Designed to be intuitive for ecommerce store owners. Navigation and setup tend to be approachable even for those with less technical experience.

Integrations: Extending Your Ecosystem

  • Drip: Robust selection of integrations, particularly strong in the ecommerce domain. May connect with fewer tools in categories outside of ecommerce.
  • Klaviyo: Extensive choice of integrations, with a focus on ecommerce, marketing, support, analytics, loyalty programs, and other relevant tools.

Pricing Structures

  • Drip: Primarily based on the number of active contacts in your account. May become costlier as your subscriber list grows.
  • Klaviyo: Two key factors influence pricing - contacts and SMS volume. Provides more flexibility as your SMS needs fluctuate.

Customer Support: When You Need a Helping Hand

  • Drip: Highly responsive support across email and live chat channels. Knowledgeable assistance in setting up ecommerce-specific workflows.
  • Klaviyo: Excellent reputation for quality customer support. Includes access to live chat, email channels, and extensive online resources.

Who Benefits the Most?

Choose Drip if:

  • You crave ultra-fine segmentation capabilities.
  • Detailed revenue attribution is vital to your strategy.
  • Deep website tracking informs your automations.
  • You manage an established store with a sizable customer base.

Choose Klaviyo if:

  • You're new to ecommerce or prioritizing ease of use.
  • Powerful analytics and predictions are key to decision-making.
  • Multichannel outreach (email and SMS) is central to your approach.
  • Your business model has variable SMS needs.

The Final Verdict

Drip and Klaviyo are both exceptionally capable platforms. Drip stands out for its segmentation mastery and revenue insights. Klaviyo shines with its analytics suite and multichannel capabilities. The optimal choice depends heavily on the size of your online store, specific priorities, and desired depth of analysis.

Exploring their free trials or demos is the best way to experience each platform before making your final decision!

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