Greetings, I'm

Dip Sarkar

, holding a degree in BCA. Currently, I'm enthusiastically stepping into the role of a Software Developer Intern at TunicaLabs Media. When I'm not deeply immersed in the world of code, you'll often find me playing Cricket or enjoying movies at home.

Software Development

Dip Sarkar


My journey into the professional world began with my very first paying job, which is my current role. My musical tastes lean towards Sufi music, and I've recently visited Shimla. Next on my travel wishlist is Kashmir. I don't have any pets, but I have a fondness for Chicken Biryani. Apart from work and studies, I'm passionate about playing cricket and cycling. Cricket is my favorite sport, and I wholeheartedly support India and CSK in the IPL. I'm more of a morning bird, and I love the thrill of solo travel, akin to a vagabond. While I don't have any specific fears or phobias, I'm continuously working on managing my anger issues. A funny childhood memory involves dreaming of becoming a cricketer.