Greetings, I'm

Sahil Bhaardwaj

, a B.Tech in Electronics And Communications graduate currently pursuing a career as a Frontend Developer. In my free time, I enjoy engaging in conversations with my favorite people.

Software Development

Sahil Bhaardwaj



My professional journey began with my current role as a Frontend Developer. I have a preference for pop music. Recently, I explored Mysuru and now have my sights set on visiting Jaipur. While I don't have any pets, I have a fondness for rajmah chawal. I am driven by the pursuit of success and spend some of my leisure time cooking. I don't particularly follow a favorite sport, but I do enjoy spending time with my family. As a night owl, I find solace in spending time with my loved ones. Despite my fear of snakes, I continue to strive for personal growth. As a child, I aspired to join the Air Force.

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