Unleashing the Power of Data: Exploring the Uses of Statista

Unleashing the Power of Data: Exploring the Uses of Statista
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April 24

What is Statista (Market data and statistics)?

Statista is a statistics platform that provides market data and consumer insights to businesses and individuals. It offers access to over 1.5 million data sets and over 1 million statistical facts and forecasts on a wide range of topics, including industries, countries, and consumer behavior.

Launched in 2007, Statista has become one of the leading providers of market data and statistics, serving more than 1 million users worldwide. Its user-friendly platform and comprehensive data collection make it a valuable tool for researchers, marketers, and decision-makers.

Data Sources

Statista's data comes from a variety of sources, including government agencies, international organizations, market research firms, and industry associations. The data is curated and verified by a team of 250 analysts and researchers to ensure accuracy and credibility.

Some of the main data sources for Statista include:

  • World Bank
  • International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  • United Nations
  • Eurostat
  • US Census Bureau
  • Euromonitor

Data Visualization

Statista not only provides raw data, but it also offers powerful data visualization tools to help users understand and communicate insights. The platform offers various chart types, including line charts, bar charts, and pie charts, along with customization options to create visually appealing and informative graphics.

Users can also export the charts and graphs in different formats, such as PNG, JPEG, and PDF, to use in presentations or reports.

Statista Chart

Subscription Plans

Statista offers both free and paid subscription plans. The free plan allows access to a limited number of data sets and charts, while the paid plans offer unlimited access to all data and features on the platform.

The paid plans are designed for businesses and organizations and offer additional features such as industry reports, market forecasts, and custom research. The subscription plans start at $59 per month for individuals and $99 per month for businesses.

Use Cases

Statista is used by a wide range of industries and professionals, including:

  • Market researchers and analysts
  • Marketing and advertising agencies
  • Consulting firms
  • Investment bankers and financial analysts
  • Journalists and media professionals
  • Academic researchers and students

Some of the main use cases for Statista include:

Market Research and Analysis

Statista's extensive collection of market data and statistics makes it a valuable resource for market research and analysis. Users can find information on market size, trends, consumer behavior, and competitive landscape across various industries and countries. The platform also offers tools to compare and benchmark data and create custom reports.

New Business Opportunities

For businesses looking to expand into new markets, Statista can provide valuable insights on consumer demographics, spending patterns, and market potential. The platform's easy-to-use search function and industry reports make it an efficient tool for identifying new business opportunities.

Data-Driven Decision Making

In today's data-driven business landscape, having access to reliable and up-to-date statistics is crucial for making informed decisions. Statista provides real-time data and forecasts on industries, countries, and consumer behavior, helping businesses and organizations make strategic decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Benchmarking and Competitive Analysis

Statista's data and analytical tools also make it a valuable resource for benchmarking and competitive analysis. Businesses can compare their performance against industry averages and identify areas for improvement. They can also gain insights into their competitors' strategies and market share.


Statista is a powerful statistics platform that offers a vast collection of market data and consumer insights. Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive data sources, and data visualization tools make it a valuable tool for businesses and individuals looking to make data-driven decisions. With continuous updates and new features, Statista continues to be a leading provider of market data and statistics for various industries and professionals.

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