Hey, I’m

Ayush Shandil

, and working at TunicaLabs Media has been a great experience so far. Before joining the amazing Software Development team I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in IT. So far I’m enjoying where life is taking me, will keep you updated if things change!

Software Development

Ayush Shandil


Other than my work, I also enjoy traveling. Trekking is one of my top favorite activities, in fact, the last exciting place I visited was Churdhar, it's basically a 20-24 km trek from Nauradhar in the Sirmour district. It’s a truly beautiful place; the view from up top is very serene and peaceful. I might actually revisit it sometime in the future, if I get a week off I might even take all my friends there so we could go on a week-long trip. I’m gonna fill out the rest of this space with a story about the time I lost 2 of my teeth. This story starts like all Great Indian Stories start; at a wedding. I, being a jumpy child, fell off a chair and knocked my two front teeth into my gums. Funnily enough, a few days later my brother knocked me over while playing tag which caused me to hit my head so hard that my teeth fell right back in place. The story doesn’t end there though because again weeks later I got hit by an autorickshaw and this time I officially lost those two teeth. Press F to pay respects.