I'm Dharminder Kumar

, holding a degree in B.Tech (Computer Science). Currently, I'm enthusiastically stepping into the role of a Software Developer Trainee and Intern at TunicaLabs Media. When I'm not deeply immersed in the world of code, you'll often find me engrossed in reading novels or scrolling through Instagram.

Software Development

Dharminder Kumar



My journey into the professional world began with my very first paying job, which involved tutoring students in Maths and Science from the 6th to the 10th grade. My musical tastes are diverse, ranging from the soothing melodies of Pahadi tunes to the nostalgic beats of 90s songs.

I recently embarked on a journey to Jammu (Katra) and Vrindavan, and my travel bucket list includes many more exciting destinations. Currently, I don't have any four-legged companions, but I do have a deep affection for Chole Bhature.

Apart from my work and studies, I'm passionate about reading novels and maintaining a diary to document my thoughts and experiences. Cricket is my favorite sport, and I wholeheartedly support both New Zealand and India. I'm more of a morning bird, and I love the thrill of traveling to new places during my free time.

While I don't have any specific fears or phobias, I'm continuously striving to improve my discipline and focus on my fitness goals.

Now, a funny childhood memory that often brings a smile to my face: Once, on my way home from school, I was so exhausted that I ended up falling asleep in the school for two whole periods. When I eventually woke up, I was startled to find that the classroom was empty. In my groggy state, I made a quick exit and didn't realize until later that I had forgotten my bag. It was quite an adventure!

As a kid, my dreams were vast, and I aspired to serve as an officer in the defense forces, with an ultimate ambition to become the Prime Minister of India.