I'm Saurabh Rakesh Wagh

, and I'm currently in my final year pursuing a B.Tech degree. At TunicaLabs Media, I serve as a WordPress Developer. Beyond coding, my interests include immersing myself in the beats of Hip-Hop and Pop music.

Software Development

Saurabh Wagh



One of my dream destinations is the enchanting Andaman Islands, where I'd love to explore the beauty of nature. While I don't have any pets at the moment, I do have a sweet spot for Pasta and Desserts. My passion extends to the realms of sports, science, and technology. While I do enjoy playing football, I'm an even greater fan of cricket. I'm a night owl by nature, always curious about what's happening in the digital world. As a child, I was always fascinated by how applications worked and what was running in the background. This curiosity drove me to learn more about technology, and now I have the exciting opportunity to work and delve deeper into this fascinating field.