I am

Divanshu Zinta

, a software developer who enjoys singing, listening to music, and playing outdoor sports in my free time. This is my first paying job, and I am excited to start with Tunica Labs Media Pvt. Ltd.

Software Development

Divanshu Zinta


I like to listen to party music and some folk songs. Recently, I went to the temple of my dreams, and I am thinking of going on a long trip with my friends. I have a dog named Tiger, who was given that name by the elders in my village. Although I don't know the story behind the name, I love my pet dearly. My favorite foods are Rajma Chawal and Matar Paneer. Travelling is my passion, and I also have a hidden talent for singing. I love to watch cricket and support India and Mumbai Indians in the IPL.

I am a night owl and would love to go on a trip with my friends if I get a week off. I have acrophobia and wish to be better at remembering things. One funny childhood memory I have is saying things in a funny way that others couldn't figure out. As a kid, I wanted to be a pilot when I grew up.