Greetings, I'm

Navya Ganait

, holding a degree in BTech in Computer Science and Technology. Currently, I'm enthusiastically stepping into the role of a Trainee at TunicaLabs Media. When I'm not deeply immersed in learning new technologies, you'll often find me going out with friends.

Software Development

Navya Ganait


My journey into the professional world began with my role as a Trainee at TunicaLabs. I have a penchant for pop music, and my recent visit was to Chandigarh, with plans to explore Jaipur next. When it comes to food, I have a weakness for momos and gulab jamun. Besides work and studies, I enjoy reading books to unwind. I'm more of a morning bird, and I love the idea of going someplace far far away for an adventure. While I don't have any specific fears or phobias, I'm constantly striving to manage my time better and be more punctual.