Hey, my name is

Ritwik Raj Singh

, and I'm currently working as a Software Developer here at TunicaLabs. In my free time, I love to play the guitar, listen to music, and occasionally play games. I'm also a big fan of podcasts and love to listen to them whenever I can. After completing my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science Engineering, I joined TunicaLabs as a Software Developer Trainee, which is my first paying job.

Software Development

Ritwik Raj Singh


I have a diverse taste in music, but my favorite genres are Lo-fi and Hip-Hop. Recently, I visited Mall Road in Solan, which was a fun experience. I would also love to visit Mohan Shakti Heritage Park in Solan someday. Although I don't have a pet now, I had a beautiful black and white Affenpinscher a few years ago. I named it "Sweetu" because of its sweet temperament and beautiful fur. When it comes to food, I love North Indian cuisine and Italian food. Technology is my biggest passion, but I also enjoy drawing/painting, and singing when I'm alone.

As for sports, I love cricket and support team India, and I'm a big fan of football and support Barcelona. I'm more of a night owl than a morning bird, and if I ever get a week off, I'd probably spend it watching anime. I have a few fears, including Trypophobia, Acrophobia, and Atychiphobia. I struggle with punctuality, but I'm trying to improve it as much as possible. One funny childhood memory that comes to mind is when my brother and I drank half of a cold drink bottle our father brought home and tried to hide it by filling it with water and sugar. When our father found out, he beat us pretty badly.