Hi, my name is

Mridul Panda

and I work in the Web Development Team at TunicaLabs Media. Before joining this wonderful team I completed my Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Techno India University in Kolkata. As a kid, I wanted to become a “Hacker” so blame all these web series for getting me into IT.

Software Development

Mridul Panda


Outside of my work, I’m very passionate about Cricket. If I don’t spend my time off playing cricket then I spend it watching cricket. I obviously am a huge supporter of our national team but if we’re talking IPL then ‘Kolkata Knight Riders’ has my vote. Cricket is such a huge part of my life that I even have a Facebook page dedicated to it. I keep everyone updated on all the matches going on and everything the players have been up to.

Even though I like to say I’m introverted I do enjoy social activities once in a while. I was in the drama club at school where we performed for main events. I was also an occasional troublemaker. Funny story: Back in school, during a lunch break a friend and I were single-handedly responsible for causing a power-cut in our entire school. We basically sat on the wires and brought the whole thing down with us. The only reason we didn’t get into any serious trouble was that some other kid got his head cracked during a fight and all the staff was too busy worrying over him. Anyway! Those were some fun times.