Hi, I’m

Tanvay Vaidya

. I graduated from Shoolini University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering. During my time at Uni, I did a little part-time job for a professor. It wasn’t a big deal but it paid me enough to eat junk food so that’s all that mattered. During the lockdown though, I found a little more interesting job; bug bounty. Now I work at TunicaLabs Media as part of the Software Development Team.

Software Development

Tanvay Vaidya


As much as an athletic person I am, something I recently started doing was writing poetry. And I’ve gotten pretty good at it too! I have to admit though that my skill set doesn’t go beyond poetry when it comes to writing. As to being athletic, my favorite sport is probably football; Barcelona and Manchester City being my favorite teams. Even as a kid I always wanted to become a footballer. Messi has always been an inspiration for me and I always wanted to share the field with him. I also swim for fun and I can beat you at Table Tennis. The one thing that I still can’t do is drive a car. So if someone wants to teach me, hmu.

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