Hey! I’m

Rajan Tiwari

, the Project Manager at TunicaLabs Media. So far I’ve led projects that have worked on Building SaaS products in Fintech and Martech. I’ve also done Technical/Product Support and I’ve been a Software Developer. I didn’t realize how eager I was about IT until I got my own computer after 12th.

Project Manager

Rajan Tiwari


My life has taken a lot of turns before I landed here at TunicaLabs Media. If we’re starting at the beginning the very first job I had was as a Kitchen Supervisor at the Royal Enclave Hotel. I was only 16 at the time. I wanted to experience what it was like being in a professional environment. I was so naïve at the time I even got mixed up between an alcoholic drink and an ice cream. Anyway, the job gave me plenty of learning experience and I even realized I did not want to work in the Hotel Industry. From there I decided to answer my calling and get a master’s degree in Computer Science. Outside of work I also enjoy traveling. I’m planning a road trip that I might go on during my time off. I’m practically fearless so maybe I’ll just drive to Dharamshala or Manali, we’ll see where the road takes me!