Hi! This is

Anuj Kothari

, one of the Co-Founders of Tunica Tech. The whole backstory, with where it all started, how I got here, and what epiphanies I had that got me here are not part of this one-way conversation. This is more of a chill zone where I’ll tell you what I like and why I like it.


Anuj Kothari Tunica


Let’s start with something that connects us all; Music and Food. When it comes to music I’m miles away from what’s considered “pop”. I grew up listening to Rock, RnB, Country, and Indie records so that’s what makes me feel at home. Some of my favourite bands are Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold, and Dire Straits. Although I haven’t seen any of them in concerts I enjoy listening to their songs, sometimes even playing them in the background while I’m getting some work done or cooking. Speaking of cooking, that’s something I started doing recently and I’m even getting quite good at it. There haven’t been any kitchen accidents yet so I count that as a success. I will say this, that my favourite dish is Dahi Vada and I haven’t tried making that yet. Maybe once I’m confident enough with my culinary skills, that’ll be the next bridge we cross.

Even though I said I wouldn’t give you any backstory, I just couldn’t resist adding in an anecdote. One of the things I’m very passionate about is building teams that work great together and that takes me back to my last year of school. I was a good student and my teacher paired me with the worst possible group in the class. Her motive was probably to bring them on track but instead of that, I worked out the perfect strategy. I helped them look good in front of the teachers and they helped me take revenge on all my past bullies. Shows to go, teamwork is about recognizing each other’s weaknesses and making it work!